• prochainement des extraits / soon extracts

Between the lines, volume 3,, 2012

Alexis Rockman, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, April Gornik, Ben Jones, Chris Martin, Donald Baechler, Debra Hampton, Dominik Leiman, David Row, Ed Baynard, Fred Tomaselli, Frank Stella, Garett Phelan, Geraldine Lau, Helen Levitt, Jonathan Lasker, Jason Middlebrook, Jeff Koons, John Monti, Jessica Stockholder, Joel Meyerowitz, Kate Sepherd, Katherine Bowling, Kenneth Snelson, Laura Owens, Lane Twitchell, Louise Nevelson, Lynn Davis, Matthew Ritchie, Myoung Ho Lee, Michele Oka Doner, Marie Heilman, Mark Dion, Mel Chin, Mel Bochner, Mary Temple, Paul Henry Ramirez, Ryan McGinley, Ray Mortenson, Rob Pruitt, Robert Mangold, Robert Therrien, Ryan McGinness, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Terry Richardson, Vito Acconci, Will Cotton, William Wegman, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yvonne Jacquette

20,5 x 27,3 cm - 115 pages - 2 pages of stickers 

Rx Art Coloring book ©    RxArt is a non-profit organization that transforms pediatric hostile facilities into conforting and engaging space through site specific installations by contemporary artists. The therapeutic potential of visual art to stimulate healing is well know, and we provide children and their families with creative respite from the anxiety and the pain of illness, offering hope.